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Natalia ParuzNatalia Paruz preserves and celebrates the old American tradition of making music with a carpenter’s hand saw. Her talent and volunteerism has been an inspiration to New Yorkers for many years. Although Natalia is a celebrated musician having played with many outstanding orchestras, she devotes a great deal of her time to playing music for free, performing for commuters to help them relax and smile in our hectic subway system. Homeless people often gather to listen to Natalia and express their gratitude to her. Natalia has received many medals and citations of honor, including the following: a Citation of Honor from City Hall; the Everyday Hero award from Newsday; and the Best Subway Entertainer award from Time Out NY and the Village Voice. Natalia was declared a Master Sawyer by Maestro Zubin Mehta of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

She has received great media recognition, having performed on numerous TV & radio programs, as well as having been sighted in hundreds of articles in the United States and abroad.


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