CD Reviews and listeners' comments about 'Hark! An Angel Sings':

Composer Peter Schickele (aka PDQ Bach) said of Natalia's CD:

Natalia Paruz not only plays the saw beautifully (the idea of playing a carpenters saw seems funny, but the sound itself is haunting), shes also a terrific musician.
This recording displays the carols in new and refreshing settings.

Peter Schickele (aka PDQ Bach)
New York, NY

Pulitzer Prize winning composer William Bolcom said of Natalia's CD:

The musical saw numbers are particularly striking.
Amazing and quite musical in the expressiveness she was able to get from a tableful of bells. Brava!

William Bolcom
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Richard Schwartz, DJ of the KZMU Radio show Amarillo Highway said:

I got the CD and have listened to it. It's a beautiful expression of the instrument and its capabilities. I liked both the traditional and new numbers.
I usually only do a bit of Christmas music just before the holiday. I also usually only play one cut by the same artist in a given show. Because of the special nature of your music, I will be doing two Christmas segments on two dates and playing more than one of your tracks on the shows.

I will be playing the CD again next year as it has become a standard part of my holiday musical fare.

keep on making great music.

Richard S.
Moab, Utah

Janet Coleman, host of the WBAI Radio show Cat Radio Caf said of Natalia's CD:

"I listened to the CD and its very fun... Natalia Paruz is a virtuoso of the musical saw.
The CD has in fact an angelic quality. The universe has some amazing things in it besides electricity - it has the musical saw."

David Dozer, host of the WBAI Radio show Cat Radio Caf said of Natalia's CD:

"It's hard to get enough of the musical saw"

Film Director Paul Devlin, when asked on the radio show Cat Radio Caf if he is fond of the musical saw and bells said:
"I am fond of it now - this (Natalia's CD) was a good introduction to it!"

New York, NY

'Other Music' (music store in NYC) said of Natalia's CD:

Natalia Paruz is the Clara Rockmore of the musical saw! - Hitting every note in its eerie, warble-y splendor using only a bow and a saw! (Except the tracks with added pitched cowbells!) Christmas classix like 'Silent Night', 'We Three Kings', 'Hark! The Heralds', all done with surprising precission!

New York, NY

Bill Kates of XM Satellite Radio has aired tracks from the CD on his show 'Underground Music' and said:

Natalia.. you were GREAT! Thank you for swinging by, its going to make a very entertaining sequence.
You are a very talented lady.

Bill Kates
XM Satellite Radio

'Psyche van het Folk, Radio Centraal, Belgium' has aired segments from Natalia's CD and said:

Nice version of Schuberts classic with the musical saw. This comes from a Christmas CD but I didnt mind playing it now (2nd week of June). These three fragments (Tr.4, Ave Maria(Schubert) Tr.10,Silent Night-reprise Tr.8, We three kings) I found very good. Silent Night seems to have an extra sound coming to peep/sound along, which makes the recording even better. We three kings is a jazz tune. It seems to combines well with the musical saw.

Antwerpen, Belgium

'The Deli' Music Magazine (issue #5 volume #2, Winter 2006) recommends Natalia's CD:

"One such star is Natalia Paruz, or the saw lady...Natalia is a deeply talented, humble musician...An Amazing artist who can often be found playing her handy musical instrument (a saw!) in the NYC subways...Well, for some really alternative (literally underground) Christmas music, the Deli recommends Natalia Paruz's 'Hark! An Angel Sings' CD. In the end, even indie rockers have a tender core over the holidays...don't they?"

New York, NY

Actress Blythe Danner wrote to Natalia:

Dear Natalia
I did enjoy playing your lovely CD. Will listen to it again at the holidays.
You've a lovely talent. Many thanks for being part of the WTF event. Everyone enjoyed you very much.
I am glad to have your album.

Kindest regards
Blythe D.
Torvance, CA

Hi Natalia,

Sounds like the ideal Christmas present from listening to the clips! As I sit here in freezing cold London, blowing my nose and trying to make last year's Christmas tree lights work, those old familiar tunes coming out of my computer are a great source of comfort to me!

Kev Hopper
London, England

Merry Christmas, Natalia

Thanks very much, I got your CD.

I've never heard anyone get quite the same sound as you get out the saw. It really sounds like a voice because of the way you change between the notes - is that what you call 'snapping'? I really would like to see you in action as I've no idea how you do it!
I love the tracks with bells.
You're really unique, Natalia, your playing stands out a mile from everyone else - there's real poetry to your sound.
congratulations on a lovely record


Hey Lady,

Just took a gander of your web page and a listen to your work. You are dead on pitch! Ya don't have to take ur hat off to anyone my dear when it comes to your musical talents.
You are indeed a Master Sawyer of the highest class. Cuz that is what Jim says!!!
I love to see success blooming and you have exploded!


The CD came today. Thanks for the quick service and for your unique musicianship.

Evelyn Gravitt

Dear Scott,
(*Scott Munson is the arranger of the tunes on the CD, as well as a composer of 2 of them)

I have not many words to express my admiration from the newly released disc of Christmas songs.
Deep in my heart I feel that an artist's highest aspiration is to be the Master of substances - and that I may say - you did achieve.
Although seemingly the music itself consists of "mere" arrangements - it is the arrangement mastery of Bach and Handel which is evoqued by your music. The music reveals itself slowly, as if it was full of dignity and well-awareness. A simple better way to say it: plain Christian tunes get a unique chance to be presented in their deep and very real contecst - that of agony, despair, darkness but also an uplifting, almost magical power leaning upon the light of God and man.


Eyal Bat

Dear Natalia,

Thank you for your disc, it is excellent.
I am a professional violinist. I was happy to learn that I could listen to your CD so soon. And I am looking forward to another one when it is ready.

Good luck

Andrey Kompaniyets


The CD arrived safely and is delightful. Really enjoy it and the cowbells.

Bye for now.

Janet Lemaster

Hello Natalia,

I have listened to your CD. What a talent you have. I have never heard the saw being played and it is most interesting.


Hilda Filmer


Great cd!



Hello Natalia,

Still playing your CD a lot, though a bit out of season.

Best regards

Erik Gotfredsen

I listened to the CD and the music was wonderful. Thank you.

Robert Ferrar
New York


I received the cd yesterday. A pleasure to listen to. To me the two Ave Maria's are the most rewarding and of course your silent night solo. You are very good in the glissandi.

Hans Arnold


Very beautiful saw playing! You know what you are doing, and you do it very well.

Ed and Carolyn Wilcox
Serenity Mountain, AR

Thanks for the CD's! You play very well!! I'm impressed with your accuracy and precision - moving from note to note instantly - not "sliding" into the notes! And with little or no vibrato! Very nice sound! Also like the bells and other percussion sounds!

Take care.
Ed and Carolyn

Hi Natalia,

Thank you very much. I just received your CD. The CD is a gift for my father. He saw you play in the NYC subways a while back and he mentions it quite a bit. He was totally fascinated with the saw and never heard anything like it before. Since he hasn't seen you playing in a while, the CD should be a great surprise.

Thanks and have a great holiday,

Paul Calvano

Ms. Sawlady,

I just wanted to drop you a line & tell you what a class act you are.
I originally bought your CD as a Christmas gift for a wonderful clown lady friend who also plays the saw... well, she has one in her tool box anyway.
Receiving the sweet photo & your kind send off email just made it that much more wonderful.
If you are ever on tour in the Southern California area drop me an email & I will alert the folks I think would be interested.

Good luck & keep going missy!


Hello Natalia,

Your CD is superb and I shall play it and play it and play it.

John P.
Dance instructor
Oxford, England

Dear Natalia and Scott*,
(*Scott Munson is the arranger of the tunes on the CD, as well as a composer of 2 of them)

I enjoyed listening to your CD. It's very varied and interesting.

Rich W.
Handbell Choir Director

Dear Natalia,

Thanks for sending your CD to me. I put it right on and listened to the beautiful music of you playing the saw & bells. The arrangements were wonderful as well!
I will listen to it many times over the holidays & envision you playing.

Charles G.
Dance instructor

Hello Natalia,

Consider this e-mail from me to be a standing applause. I brought in the New Year listening to Auld Lang Syne on your CD which is indeed very well done. I especially liked Ava Maria (Shubert) and Silent Night unaccompanied; both will melt a heart. Overall a very, very nice CD and very well orchestrated too, you should be proud.

John S.

Hi Natalia,

I've listened to this CD a number of times, and have enjoyed it very much!
I think it is a great CD.
Keep up the Good Work!!

Jim B.


I really am enjoying your CD. Being a very sentimental type of guy, my favorite track is "Auld Lang Syne". Very pretty, and very moving.

Eric L.

Hello Natalia,

I recently purchased you CD, "Hark! an Angel Sings" and I do enjoy it very much.
When I listen to you play, I do not hear any bow noise and your high notes are so very clear.
I can only hope that someday I will be able to make my saw sing just half as beautifully as you do!
Thank you,

Jerry T.


Thanks for the CD. I enjoyed it and was actually surprised at how beautiful it was.

Mark B.

Hi Natalia!

We received your CD today and it is WONDERFUL! I had forgotten how high the range of the pitches on the saw is. WOW!
I hadn't told my husband about your CD, so just put it in the player when we received it today. He was impressed as well. Congratulations on your awards and television appearances. In which California cheese commercials are you featured - cows? We enjoy those! We'll listen for them.
My husband and I thought that the saw had the sound of a human voice warming up actually. It is quite haunting at times and very intriguing.

Thanks for your fine music! It is a real TREAT!


Dear Natalia,

Mary Kay M. loaned me her copy of your CD. I look forward to receiving my own copy of your wonderful CD.

All best wishes,

Bruce T. Professof of Music, Penn State University

Hi Natalia,

I just finished listening to your cd for a second time. I love the two tracks with the cowbells. Silent night track # 6 is quite beautiful. I can't get enough of "We three Kings"it follows me everywhere i go.
All my friends at work love your cd.

All the best

Thomas p M

This CD sounds excellent, and deffinately one of a kind.

God Bless,

Susanna P.

A Different Sound to Christmas

Thursday, November 04, 2004
I know so many of you don't want to hear about Christmas music and yesterday I started going on about my Mix CD Cards of Christmas tunes and well because of that, I found something new. Check out this link, please:
When I opened the link from the note on my tag board, I thought, musical saw? I won't even begin to tell you what visions were going through my head at that point, but you can imagine, unless of course you know what a musical saw sounds like.
It's really pretty, and I have yet another CD to add to my list of most wanted discs. If you decide to click the link, I recommend listening to Christmas Morning which is really lovely.
I also want to add that the site that is selling this disc is a great site for discovering new independent artists. There is more to music than what you hear on the radio!


Listening to jingle COWbells. This chick is good! Even if it is christmas music in November..


Wow, that is really something! I didn't read the part about the bells, and I thought it was beautiful and very different. Now I know why!


Your CD is amazing,it arrived today. I was so moved, from the music and the words that you wrote, thank you so much, I will cherish it forever.
I told my neighbor about it and she said she will take it to her church.

Meanwhile tank you again and take care
Love gali

I haven't heard the Saw Lady in person, though I did listen to clips on her website. And I have run into a couple other saw-players. I would agree that the Saw Lady is by far the most accomplished musical sawstress I've ever heard.

Chris M.

Hi Natalia:

Your CD arrived yesterday and I enjoyed it very much.
I put the first track on and my son (13 years old) insisted that it was a theremin being played!! They do sound uncannily similar. There is a Canadian thereminist named Peter Pringle who is very good. Some of his musical nuances are very similar to yours - specifically a short upward glide that lands accurately on the note. It sounds great when he does it. It sound great when you do it.
I am looking forward to going home and listening to your CD again.

Thanks again,
Harry W.
Ithaca, NY

Dear Natalia

Everyone that has heard your C.D thinks it is great. Some of the arrangements are super. In fact a radio presenter friend has my copy at the moment. I would like to order another three copies and the web site says to contact re mail charges. Please advise and also how you would like payment. When is your next C.D due?

All the best
Co Tyrone, Ireland



Love your CD


I think your music is absolutely terrific.

Ted S.

G'day Natalia,

I purchased you debut CD just over two years ago and have been eagerly anticipating your next one ever since.


Ron d.G
Melbourne, Australia

Hello, Natalya;

Played your Christmas CD this year past, and enjoyed it, as did some friends that heard it.


Eric L.

Your music is beautiful. You are beautiful. You make the saw sing. Sing. Truly. I thought at first it was your voice. My stupid parrot started to sing along with "O Little Town of Bethlehem", what a crazy situation!
And that article in the borough paper!! You are really amazing! Amazing! A talented celebrity and I've been sending inane chatter over the Net to you! When I first went to your web site it was "yeah, yeah, yeah, anyone can have a web site." Especially a laudatory one. And some critic wrote something like "pretty girl...pretty music", I mean, c'mon! How offensive! Then I read what I have written and I hope that I am not being offensive. I don't mean to be. I write what I'm thinking, it is the unvarnished truth.

Natalia, I am proud of you, and I am proud to know you.

Beautiful...just beautiful...

But really, a saw with you is not a novelty instrument, it is ...symphonic.

Say, I seem to remember something about you doing another this correct? Where is it? I want it.

So there...

Joel W.

Dear Natalia,

I am in the process of compiling a musical collection to be played at my funeral. A funeral CD if you will. Any how... I wanted to include "I'm forever blowing bubbles" played on the saw, thus... I began my search and, came upon your site. After listening to some of your samples I realized that here was some well crafted music which stands on its own merit and should become a part of my collection... so there!

When you have your second CD complete please let me know.

Dave W.

hello natalia

your music is so beautiful - i heard you in the subway from the other side of the platform recently - (i think) it was 59th street in nyc.
God bless computerized living because i came back to work, checked your web site and was able to buy your cd which i could not have lived without.
i'm not a saw player but have been taking violin lessons for the last few years so understand fully the technique that goes into creating your sounds.

keep on with your wonderful work

your fan,

kate k.

I have enjoyed your Christmas CD much!

The CD is great.
By the way, the website is very good and especially informative

Steve L.

Hi guys -

We loved the Christmas CD. As I thought, much of it especially right from the first band, reminded me of the Theremin sound.One of your tracks started off for just the first few notes reminiscent of the old Alcoa Theater theme, which was a Theremin.
We loved the arrangements and original material. Didn't expect such a profound, professional job of composing, arranging, orchestral background and the like. All of it top-notch!

All the best from Charlotte and Lee

Hi, Natalia. I saw you perform today at the 42nd St. subway in NYC and I was stopped in my tracks by the beautiful sounds of your saw. My best friend, Mary, purchased your cd for me. We have been enjoying it all night. Thank your for your introduction to a lesser-known artform. Busk on!


Hi Natalia -

I received the cd's in perfect condition, and have been enjoying mine for a couple of days now.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season and continued success.

Middle Village, NY, USA

To Natalia,

Thanks so much for the CD! It just came in the mail today, and my mother just loves it (it was a gift for her).
I'm a singer myself, and after hearing a saw being played while I was walking around on a Saturday afternoon, I decided to find some Christmas music on one. I'll be sure to tell my family about your music. I just love that sound!

Redwood City, CA, USA

It vas so nice to hear about Natalia's success and honorary proclamation!
How nice it would be to hear her play live!
During the christmas-time we have listend again to the record with christmas-music that we ordered last year. It is really amazing what a beautiful voice she gets from the saw.

Anja & Tapio
Helsinki, Finland

Hi there.
I am a violinist... I LOVE your CD. Brilliant!

Charlottesville, VA

Dear Natalia,
I have heard so much about you and your music, that I just had to have one of your CD's.
It is excellent, of course, and I enjoy it very much.
I am 66 years old.
When do you plan to have your next "Saw CD' completed? I will want one.
Very Sincerely,
Charles N.
Marshall, Texas

I loved the Christmas album.

Charlie S.
Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire

Hi Natalia and Scott (Scott is the arranger and composer of 2 tunes on the CD),

My girlfriend and I had Hark! An Angel Sings as dinner music, we really enjoyed it a lot. Great sawing and the arrangements are incredible, I liked Peace on Earth a whole bunch. For my ears, you guys got away with making a thing that non-musician/novelty seekers can play under the egg nog or whatever and enjoy, while musicians, intently listening can go -- wow!!! One of a kind.

Looking forward to hearing about the glass harp, it's a beauty, hope you are having fun.

Atlanta, GA


I'm really pleased to have your CD as part of my holiday collection -- it proved very enjoyable listening these past few days (interesting arrangements with great musicianship), and will definitely make it into the rotation again, come December. hope you get around to making another album, too, one of these days.


Riverside, Rhode Island

Hello dear Natalia,

I have to tell you that I listen your CD very often, it helps me very much when I am editing, I event put it in my Ipod so I listen to it in my long trips.


Film director and TV correspondant for Mexican TV

Natalia, good health!

As you wish I was selected as the winner at that Photo Contest!

Just arrived home I had the opportunity to hear your great CD. You play divine! You're a great artist and I will show the contest's pictures to my friends with your music on...

I am enclosing some pictures of you. I hope you enjoy them.

Sincerely yours,
Roberto Gomes.
from far away.
(Popular Photography magazine 'Photographer of the Year' 2006 winner)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dear Natalia,

I am enjoying your CD very much. I also played handbells in high school, so that was fun to hear to.

You website is great. I learned about musical saw when my Mother in Law gave me a copy of the % minute musical saw course for Christmas, with a Stanley Handyman.

Have a great day. I'll look forward to your 2nd CD.



Thank you so much for participating in this film!! You have such beautiful sprit and your words and energy that you shared with us was so inspiring in this project!! I love your CD! Its so relaxing and beautiful! Please, keep in touch!
You're truly a good soul to keep in ones life!


Buskers USA

Hi Natalia,
I enjoyed the CD, the lovely tone you get from the saw & especially the bell ringing rag.

Ralph L.
Horses Sing None of It! TV show
Mendham, NJ, USA

Dear Natalia,

We definitely enjoyed your CD and will continue to do so.

Happy New Year!

Washington, DC, USA

Hi Natalia -

The CD's a treat!

Jed D.
Baltimore, MD, USA

Dear Natalia,

We played your CD again the other night. My boys each have their favorites. Seth (16) had been requesting the Schubert "Ave Maria", which prompted us playing the whole CD. He also likes "Auld Lang Syne". Benjamin (10) likes the saw songs, but his favorite is "Jingle Bells" with all the cowbells. My wife, Linda, likes all of the songs and thinks you play with real beauty and a great deal of energy. My favorites are the two originals, "Peace on Earth" and "Christmas Morning". The first time I heard the latter, I thought, "Ah, that's the one she was playing on those video clips from the website!" It's still the one I find myself humming.


Gregory N.

I love the CD and I've been out to your website since then. I'm not musically talented, though my mother made sure I had lessons on the piano and guitar and reading music. I first heard the musical saw in Delicatessen and started a search for more. I'm looking forward very much to your next CD and wish that I had known of you when I was in NY. I would have searched the subway for you.

Thanks for what you do; it brings a lot of pleasure to the world.

Mary C.
Anchorage, AK, USA

I bought your CD some time ago at the Art-O-Mat... Great stuff!


walter H.

Hi Natalia

Just got your CD today..thank you for the prompt turn-around of the order.
Well done for keeping the 'saw' as a musical instrument.....I think it was in its hay-day in the 30's?

Now, you must have a great sense of humour....I know my Dad, like me will think it's brilliant !
I will also try and get my son and some of his friends into 'saw' music.

Wishing you every success

Tim G.
Oxfordshire, UK

got the cd! Terrific. husband is good composer. I liked the bluesy cowbell tune especially.

looking forward to interview.

Sam B. Davis
Fly Over Zone Radio Show, WQNA 88.3FM
Dawson, Illinois

Hi, Natalia,

Thanks so much for the CD and my Christmas in July! I love the music and think I'll get some as stocking stuffers for Christmas. I love the bells and would love to see you perform with those as well as the saw.

Thanks again,

Betty B.

Happy New Year! I hope that you have a very prosperous year filled with joy and happiness. Im sure I will make a trip up to the city this year and I will be looking forward to hearing you play. I was very happy to have your holiday CD during the holidays, it really made the holidays nice.

Baltimore, MD, USA

Merry Christmas. Your CD delighted my father beyond belief. I talked to him twice today and it was all he could talk about. He played along with you and was tickled. He doesn't have email but would love to have contact with you.
Do you tour? I know he would love to see you in concert. Might be a great gift I could give him sometime if you were in his area, or a reason to get him out to WA to see us.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Carmen W.
Spokane, WA, USA

We received the CD safe and sound I remembered your work during a visit to my mother-in-law out near Rochester when we got talking about musical saws for some reason. I especially loved the Ave Maria duet with your mother and that was before I read the liner notes and fully understood the significance wow!

All the best,

Ken C.