Learning to play the Musical Saw

We receive countless emails from people who wish to learn to play the musical saw. Unfortunately we cannot reply each email requesting this type of info individually. Since the questions directed to us are usually the same ones anyway, we have compiled a FAQ list with answers, for your convenience.

Sample of questions the aspiring musical saw player  asks us:


  • Where can I find the kind of musical saw that you play (32″ long)?
  • Will any saw do or must it have the teeth removed?
  • Will any bow suffice or is there a special kind?
  • What type of saw do you recommend?
  • Where can I buy a musical saw?
  • What kind of rosin do you recommend?
  • Could I hire you to teach me to play?

Sounds like what you have in mind? These and other questions are answered in the FAQ page. In order to access the FAQ list please fill up the form below to e-mail us a request for the password which will enable you to access the information. But first, since this is a FREE service, won’t you please take the time to return the favor by doing one or more of the following: