The Diamond Eater (HERE Arts Center NYC)

The Diamond Eater by Carrie Robbins was an Off-Broadway show at the HERE Arts Center in NYC.
Directed by Tazewell Thompson and with original music by Scott Munson, featured Saw Lady in a singing roll.
THE DIAMOND EATER is based on a true story. The play is set in a German camp in 1945 where a senior squad leader undertakes an experiment: he enlists a Jewish surgeon to transplant a gypsy's kidney into a Jew to determine if the Jew will survive.

The cast: Wynn Harmon, Eric Kuttner, Thomas Leverton, Tony Naumovski, Lynn Writght, Gregory Marlow, Alexander Salamat and Jenny Vath.

Saw Lady sang Scott Munson's original composition for The Diamond Eater that included a melody based on the tune "Ani Ma'amin" (I Believe), sung by Jewish camp prisoners, with the traditional rendition of Maimonides' 13-point version of the Jewish principles of faith as text.