Time Out Of Mind (IFC)


Film director Oren Moverman saw Saw Lady playing the musical saw at Grand Central Station and took her card. He knew then and there that he wants to use her in a movie. Years later he had Saw Lady play the musical saw for a scene in 'Time Out of Mind' where actor Richard Gere wonders around Grand Central Station.

What 'Time Out of Mind' is about:
Time Out of Mind is a 2014 American drama film written and directed by Oren Moverman and starring Richard Gere, Jena Malone, Ben Vereen, Kyra Sedgwick, and Steve Buscemi. It was released on September 11, 2015, by IFC Films.
Set in the urban cacophony of New York City, the story begins with the mild-mannered but confused George (Gere) being thrown out from an apartment by Art (Buscemi). Later viewers find out this apartment was not his, but rented to an evicted acquaintance, whom he calls "Sheila" (Sedgwick). From the start, George is indigent; he claims that someone has stolen his wallet. One can only guess he had been living on the edge for a while. Several attempted telephone calls yield no help, and George is forced to sleep on the streets.
At one point, seeking warmth, he sits at a public hospital emergency room where he is approached by staff nurse Maire (Hughes) who treats him with compassion. Up until shortly before the end of the film, he is denying to others and himself that he is homeless, George pawns his belongings to buy liquor, later only beer. He eventually gets a bed at a homeless shelter, where he befriends the mentally unstable but friendly Dixon (Vereen).
Dixon keeps George company as the latter goes through the trials of applying for public benefits. His eventual meeting with the advocate Laura (Datz) leads to more self-realizations about the help he needs. Seeking reconciliation with his estranged daughter Maggie (Malone), his vulnerability is palpable. He appears "guiltily obsessed with somehow reconnecting with her." Throughout the story, as George's character and background become more evident, he also becomes increasingly anhedonic; the only moments of joy seem to be when he enjoys an occasional six-pack. The story ends with George reaching out to Maggie in hopes for forgiveness and support.
Richard Gere as George
Ben Vereen as Dixon
Jena Malone as Maggie
Kyra Sedgwick as Karen/Fake Sheila
Steve Buscemi as Art
Danielle Brooks as Receptionist
Jeremy Strong as Jack
Thom Bishops as Ameer
Yul Vazquez as Raoul
Brian d'Arcy James as Mark
Geraldine Hughes as Maire
Lisa Datz as Laura
Tonye Patano as Ms. Jackson
Colman Domingo as Mr. Oyello